Would You Rather?

Some Choices You Might Have

  • You’ve just met a woman or man who seems the embodiment of all you yearned for when you were young. Your heart beats with excitement, with the possibility that your life could be blissful, after all.
    Or would you rather have more money?
  • Perhaps you have a child who asks about suffering in the world, and wants to know how to change it. The child wants you to help transform the world.
    Or would you rather get a little richer?
  • Your spouse admits to a secret desire to lead a simpler life. S/he tries to convince you of the rightness of this course.
    But after all, you could make lots of cash if you continued working, working, only just a little bit harder.
  • You are sitting in your car on I-93, inching along toward a job that does not satisfy, in order to make enough money to buy the car that gets you to the job you hate.
    Does this make sense? Does it?

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