Ah, But the Media CAN be Controlled, and is

Donald Trump has announced that he will take a pass on the Republican Debate tomorrow night, perhaps even staging a debate independently in the same timeframe. Ostensibly this is because he feels he cannot be treated fairly by Fox News. Anchorwoman Megyn Kelly said on the air words to the effect that … the media cannot be controlled … presumably to show how independent Fox News really is.

Absurdly, and sadly, exactly the opposite is true. The media, mainstream and otherwise, chase ratings, and Fox News and all other major cable news media are controlled these days by Trump. There is no way that these media can bring themselves to cover anything other than Trump’s latest nonsense until they feel they have exhausted whatever Trump is saying currently. The media have given over more air time to Trump than to all other presidential candidates combined. Is this their idea of media control? Alas, they cover Trump because that is what everyone else is doing.

The least important goal for the media, especially cable media, is transmit news. If in their quest for ratings, consequently maximizing revenues, they should happen to give out some useful information, well, so be it. In any event, it will be difficult to discern such information, awash as the screen, the airtime, is with commercials. The same damn commercials over and over. A reasonable person can either scream or turn the machine off. The so-called news media are not, they are profit generating vehicles. They apparently believe that the best current way to said profit is to fawn over Trump. It’s truly pathetic. Such is the stranglehold the corporate world holds over the American “culture.”

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